Products We Offer

Dermassociates offers skin care related services for all skin conditions. We also sell skin care products.


Dermassociates Product Line is sold at our store at the Dermassociates, Ltd building. Our products and Cosmetic Laboratories offer a full line of high quality non-prescription skin and hair care formulas that were developed for dermatologists to dispense directly to their patients.  We sell the following skin care products:




Dermacreme CM

Lightweight, no added fragrance, moisturizing cream for the entire body for patients with problem-prone skin. Camphor and menthol added for itchy skin.

DHS Clear Shampoo

Contains a unique blend of cleansing and conditioning agents that can be used daily on all types of hair. Fragrance and color free.

Clear Glycerin Cleansing Bar

Glycerin based non-irritating without additives designed to cleanse the entire body.

DHS Zinc Shampoo

Zinc based shampoo that helps prevent itching and flaking.

DHS Conditioning Rinse

Helps control static electricity, eliminates tangles, and mends split ends.

Facial Hydrating Cream

Fragrance-free moisturizing cream for the face especially formulated to minimize blackhead formation.