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August 16, 2021
Secrets to Tan Safely

How to Tan Safely

A: You can’t. Ok, ok, we know that a simple two-word answer probably isn’t what you were looking for. So, is it really true that any manner of giving your skin that beautiful, bronze sheen that we in our country and in our day and age associate with health, vigor and beauty isn’t good for you? Yes, it’s really true. That the process of darkening your skin’s natural color simply isn’t good for you. Here’s why and here also are some methods to deal with this limitation. Skin Damage from the Sun And Aesthetics The very thing that we associate […]
May 6, 2021
Skin Cancer Treatment, Belleville, IL

Summer Skin Care Tips to Avoid Skin Cancer

After a long winter and overcast spring here in the midwest, the glorious sunshine of summer is a welcome sight. Nothing looks and feels quite like the warmth of sunlight on your skin. Thus, there is often the temptation to reveal our bare skin to the damaging rays of the sun with abandon. As a dermatologist in Belleville, IL we know the temptation to bask in the sun can be difficult to resist. However, by following a few simple rules, you can enjoy the warmth of the summer sun while mitigating the risks that come along with it. Depending upon […]
September 20, 2019
Microblading Belleville IL St Louis MO

Where Can I Find the Best Microblading Near Me?

Microblading Near Belleville, IL You may have heard about microblading and have wondered if it is the solution to your eyebrow aesthetics. Microblading is a specialized form of eyebrow tattoo that solves the problem of unsightly or inconsistent eyebrow appearances. It’s a great way of making the eyebrows appear thicker and pleasantly shaped to round out your overall facial appearance. But, like any other alteration of your body, it should be taken seriously and since we’re talking about your face, you want to be sure that the person administering the procedure is as qualified as possible. Because Microblading involves making […]
March 6, 2017
Dermatologist in Belleville, Illinois

A Belleville Dermatologist’s Skin Care Basics

Having the best skin possible at any age requires preventative maintenance. Ultraviolet light prematurely ages the skin causing damage to the tissues of the dermis which supports the skin resulting in wrinkles. In these articles, the leading Belleville, IL dermatologist, Dr. Gary Vicik, MD FAAD offers skin tips and information about our dermatologist in Belleville, IL to keep your skin in tip top shape. Blotchy pigmentation or dyschromia occurs from stimulation of pigment cells (melanocytes). Linear redlines cause by sun are enlarged blood vessels near the skin surface. The worst damage comes from chronic radiation to the DNA of skin […]
December 1, 2016

A Belleville, IL Dermatologist asks: What’s Your Skin Score?

Do you know the best ways to keep your face, neck, chest and hands soft, smooth and unspotted, and which factors are most likely to age your skin before its time? Take our quiz to test your knowledge and review our best strategies for younger-looking skin. by Julie K. Karen, MD Is the way my skin looks mainly determined by how old I am? Yes or No. Can the sun age my skin before its time? Yes or No. I’ve heard that most sun damage occurs before age 18, so can’t I just stop worrying about my skin? Yes or […]